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1 Children over 3 years of age are admitted in the pre-primary class. Children below 6 years of
age are not admitted in class I.

2. New admission are not generally made in mid-session.

3. The date of birth as entered in the application form and certified by the parents/guardian as
correct will not be later on.

4. The application forms duly filled in and signed by either of the parents should reach the
school before 30 th of March.

5. A candidate who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a School
Leaving Certificate from the school last attended. School Leaving Certificate from other district
or states should be countersigned by the D.E.O of that area/ chairman CBSE.

6. A months’ notice is to be given for the withdrawal of the pupil, otherwise fee will be charged
for that term.

7. Application for transfer certificate shall be made in writing to the principal by the
parent/guardian of the pupil.

8. No certificate of any kind will be given to students who are in arrears.

9. A pupil may be sent away with a school Leaving Certificate at any time of the year for
irregularity in attendance, mis-conduct or habitual neglect of school work.